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Train the Trainer Part 2 - Create your Course on Embodia

In this lesson, we will show you what it looks like when an attendee of your course takes an exam in your course. To learn about setting up an exam in your course, please refer to the Exams help article.

When they start the exam, they will first be shown the settings of the exam. This includes the time limit, passing grade required (if you have set a passing grade), and the maximum number of attempts:

Taking an exam on Embodia Academy

The attendee will begin the exam once they click Start Exam. Once all of the questions have been answered, the attendee can go back and review their answers. When they are ready they can press, click here to submit the exam.

Taking an exam on Embodia Academy

The exam will then be automatically scored by Embodia and the attendee will be shown their score on the exam:

Taking an exam on Embodia Academy

The attendee can click on the text in the Previous Attempts section. This will allow them to see the questions and answers. If you chose to set a passing grade for the exam and the attendee did not achieve a passing grade and has no more attempts left to complete the exam, they will not complete the course and will not receive their certificate of completion.

Note: setting a passing grade is not mandatory as outlined in the Exams help article.

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