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Clinics on Embodia

On Embodia, clinic admins can perform certain actions on behalf of the practitioner to reduce their workload and improve your clinic's workflow. 

For clinics subscribed to Tier 2, clinic admins can:

  • Add patients;
  • Schedule telerehab consults;
  • Resend consult confirmation emails;
  • Cancel a telerehab consult;
  • See if a practitioner is on a Telerehab consult.

For clinics subscribed to Tier 3, clinic admins can have the following additional permissions:

  • Prescribing programs;
  • Sharing education;
  • Sharing questionnaires;
  • Managing schedules;
  • Managing patient billing;
  • Communicating with patients;
  • Manage the waitlist;
  • View patient charts.

The clinic manager has the ability to set the clinic admin permissions as outlined in this help article.

You can find more information about our membership tiers here.

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