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Questionnaires on Embodia

From the Consults tab in your patient's profile, click on the Start time to visit the consult page.

View completed questionnaires on Embodia

On the consult page, you can see how many questionnaires were shared and completed by the patient. In the image below, the 1 / 2 means that 1 questionnaire was completed by the patient out of the 2 questionnaires that were shared with them:

View completed questionnaires on Embodia

Clicking on the number of questionnaires, you can see the details of the questionnaires shared, such as if they were completed, when they were first completed and when was the last update made by the patient:

View completed questionnaires on Embodia

You can click on the name of the questionnaire to view the patient responses. This page is print-friendly if you wish to add the responses to your EMR.

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