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Dementia for Rehabilitation Professionals

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Dementia for Rehabilitation Professionals

Dementia for Rehabilitation Professionals

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This course was recorded in March 2021


This online course is the first in a three-part series for rehabilitation professionals who work with people living with dementia. series. You can view the full series by clicking here. You can take each course individually, or choose to do them all!

This course will focus on understanding the differences and similarities between the four main types of dementia: Alzheimer’s Disease, Frontal Temporal Dementia, Vascular Dementia, and Lewy Body Dementia.

It includes insights into the physical and cognitive impairments that contribute to functional limitations and falls. It contains curse words, stories about when things went disastrously wrong, and the victories that keep us motivated.

This online course is perfect for practitioners in any area of health care who want to update their knowledge about dementia.


This online course includes:

  1. A BRIEF review of memory and memory loss
  2. An overview of Alzheimer’s Disease, Frontal Temporal Dementia, Vascular Dementia, and Lewy Body Dementia
  3. How dementia type impacts mobility, falls, and ADL performance
  4. Rehabilitation strategies and priorities for different dementia types
  5. Colourful Language


This online course does not include:

  1. Detailed anatomy and physiology descriptions
  2. The history of rehabilitation and dementia
  3. Inspirational Speeches
  4. Batteries
The instructors
Deborah Hawkins
Super Nerd, MScPT, BSc(KIN)
Deborah Hawkins is a registered physiotherapist with a decade of experience in Seniors Wellness. Her current practice focuses on dementia rehabilitation, falls prevention and palliative care. Beginning her career in home care, Deborah transitioned to long-term care where she currently works as an educator and front-line clinician. Her team recently received a CABHI Spark Grant to produce high intensity exercise programs for people with mid to late stage dementia.

Caitlin McArthur
Caitlin is a registered physiotherapist and Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University in the School of Physiotherapy. She completed her PhD in the Kinesiology department at the University of Waterloo with a specialization in Aging, Health, and Well-being. Caitlin’s research focuses on falls, fractures, and functional mobility in home and long-term care. She also has expertise in bone health, exercise, and physical activity. Caitlin is the recipient of several awards including a CIHR Fellowship and the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s Silver Quill Award.
Course Material included in this course
  • Dementia for Rehabilitation Professionals
  • Welcome
  • Course Handout
  • Introduction
  • All Roads Lead to Rome - Early Symptoms
  • Dementia and Mobility
  • Rehabilitation
  • Questions
  • Feedback
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