Concussion Assessment: An Essential Guide for Occupational Therapists

Course Description
Concussion is a complex injury that can have extensive consequences in regards to symptoms and function. Having a solid understanding of the many systems affected by concussion is integral for OTs to best support clients. In this course we explore the role and value of occupational therapy in concussion management, and cover in-depth multicomponent OT assessment of concussion.


  1. Understand the value of OT in concussion assessment
  2. Understand the scope of concussion assessment including identifying deficits in function of all important domains
  3. Know when to refer to other professions for further assessment
  4. Able to apply principles of assessment in formulating a treatment plan

Course Structure

  • Weekly content release - The course has been divided into modules which will be released each week, one section at a time. New material will be available beginning on Saturdays. All content will remain available after the course has completed.
  • Weekly discussion questions - once per week, with the release of each course section a discussion question will be posted in the course forum. Please respond to the discussion question within one week of posting. It is expected that you complete all discussion questions, and provide engagement with other student’s posts in some capacity.
  • Open forum for questions - the course forum can also be used to ask questions to the instructor (Devon) or the other students in the course. Here you can also request access to specific resources or research papers if you are unable to access them yourself.

Course Length
9 hours of recorded lecture
Plus more time for other resource review and discussion

This course is open to all health care professionals but specifically addresses the needs of OTs. Other healthcare professionals will still benefit from the knowledge, techniques and systems shared in this course.

See the full course syllabus here

Instructor Name Devon Cochrane
Cost CA$299.00
Run Time 9:14:34
Access Duration Indefinite access after purchase