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An Introduction and Overview of Embodia

An Introduction and Overview of Embodia

An Introduction and Overview of Embodia


One important trend we are seeing right now for clinics that have reopened over 4 the last weeks is that weekly new patient numbers are down between 25% to 40%.

Before the crisis, you were busy and didn't require to be good at online or traditional marketing because in most places there were more patients than the supply of clinicians could serve.

In this new normal, you need to be good at marketing and provide an exceptional patient experience. The demand for outpatient physiotherapy and rehabilitation services is not going to be the same with the higher unemployment rates and economic uncertainty.  

This webinar is for you if you:
  • Are looking to diversify your income
  • Are interested in expanding your services to offer a virtual care option to your options
  • Would like to incorporate the hybrid model of care into your practice
  • Are tired of drawing stick figures, painfully sending emails of exercises, and photocopying handouts
Embodia provides rehabilitation practitioners and clinics with a complete digital platform from online consultations to continuing education to patient home exercise programs and dashboards. Each year over 20,500+ physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, and athletic therapists trust Embodia to develop their skills and deliver exceptional care.
Join us to learn how you can quickly and easily get set up with telerehabilitation and best-in-class patient engagement solutions that are simple to use and that your patients will love.
The instructors
Embodia Team

Embodia is on a mission to transform the way healthcare is delivered by empowering clinicians with the tools, technology, and education to deliver data-driven care and empower clinics and content creators to maximize their success.

Embodia is for the innovative, forward-thinking clinician, owner, and organization - For those ready to embrace and embody innovation, for the change-makers.

We are committed to building new solutions for an antiquated healthcare system and to help physiotherapists and rehab pros globally redefine themselves and their expertise in a changing world.

Course Material included in this course
  • Overview
  • Introduction to Embodia
  • Overview and Account Settings
  • Telerehab on Embodia
  • Patient Exercises
  • Conversations and Embodia as a Patient
  • Feedback
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