MISTY: Kundalini Yoga for the Brain, Memory & during Pregnancy

The first part of this course will explore the effects of Kundalini yoga for the brain and memory. Having suffered a traumatic brain injury at an early age, leaving her feeling spacey, disorganized, and irritable, Ellyn has found many benefits in practicing kundalini yoga, meditation and mantras. She has even recovered her sense of smell which she lost at age 11. Recent studies support positive effects in memory and immune health with the use of specific mantra, meditation, and movement. Join Ellyn to learn therapeutic tools to enhance cognition, memory, mood and health.

The second part of this course will explore pregnancy yoga considerations plus “moving through the chakras” with mom and baby. Join Ellyn in exploring movements to address issues that may arise during pregnancy such a sacroiliac joint pain, pubis symphysis dysfunction, and more. Later, experience the effects of moving through each chakra from root to crown with a unique mom/baby yoga program. Ellyn has been working with pregnant women for over 20 years and is thrilled to share in the miracle of birth, babies, and breath.

This is a course that is brought to you by the Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga (MISTY)

Course Objectives:

  1. To develop an understanding of specific yoga practices and systems
  2. To learn current evidence and research in therapeutic yoga for the brain and memory
  3. To understand the use of yoga in pregnancy
  4. To develop the knowledge and skills to improve the health care experience of individuals with different needs, illnesses, goals and objectives.

This course is open to all yoga instructors and health care professionals – physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, physiotherapy assistants, occupational therapists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, registered kinesiologists, medical doctors, nurses and midwives.

About the Instructor:

Ellyn Hutton BSN, RN, LMT, ERYT 

Ellyn Stanek Hutton BSN, RN, LMT, opened her business, Wellness Within by Ellyn, LLC, over 19 years ago after working for 19 years as a registered nurse in various settings. She is a Holistic Nurse, certified in mind/body medicine, kundalini yoga, pregnancy yoga and is involved in therapeutic yoga after her training at The Kripalu Center.

She traveled to India in 2005 with her teacher Mahan Rishi Singh Khalsa to deepen her practice and align with a broader vision of world needs. Through her work and in her work she remains fervent in practicing modalities to support her own path to healing while at the same time supporting others on their journey towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Her days involve assisting her clients through coaching, massage, yoga and the teaching of mind/body skills such as meditation, self-hypnosis, and biofeedback. She has worked extensively with pregnant women and has published a keepsake anthology entitled, The Colors of Birth, and has created a unique Angel of Pregnancy Pin.

Her recent works include online meditation for CanSurround, a supportive website for cancer patients and families and developing a yoga program for those on bedrest. She considers each day a gift and is grateful for the opportunity to share the journey with others.

Helene Couvrette, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, E-RYT500, 200RYS, 300RYS

Her passion for yoga inspired her to share yoga with a few friends in the basement of one of whom eventually lost her battle with cancer. She soon realized her love of yoga could only be surpassed by the desire to share it with others & the joy of seeing them benefit from yoga on many levels.

In 2002 just after delivering a stillborn boy Helene embarked on a 200hr YTT Certification Course. During 2003 she continued the training at same time began teaching yoga at the St. Lazare Community Center. Helene continues to teach regular yoga classes with a therapeutic approach, offers Private Yoga Therapy Sessions & mentors a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. Winter of 2018 she will introduce an Advanced Yoga Teacher Training focusing on Therapeutics

Helene is also co-founder of this international conference bringing health care professionals & yoga therapist together with the mission of integrating yoga into the Canadian health care system.

Instructor Name Ellyn Stanek Hutton
Cost CA$125.00
Run Time 2:40:21
Access Duration Indefinite access after purchase