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How to Start and Design your Physiotherapy Clinic

How to Start and Design your Physiotherapy Clinic

How to Start and Design your Physiotherapy Clinic

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Course Description: 

How to Start A Multi Disciplinary Practice That’s Profitable In The Fastest Time Possible That We Discovered From Owning Over 127 Clinics.


On this 120 minute webinar replay we’ll show you...

  • How to Design the Perfect Layout (floor plan) for your physical therapy, chiropractic or massage therapy clinic.  We will be showing you the most profitable floor plans that provide maximum utilization and optimize the patient experience flow. We’ll dissect proven floor plans that we’ve used at our 1800 SF that does $1.5M in annual sales and 3000 SF that is doing $3.3M in annual sales.
  • How to Choose the Perfect Location. The only 3 factors to look for when picking the ideal location that gets you boatloads of walk by traffic from day one (99% don’t know this).
  • How to Negotiate Your Commercial Lease.  Get 5 negotiation tactics the top clinic owners in the world use to get the best deal on their lease while getting their landlord to pay for the renovations. (Yes! The landlord will pay for your renovations if you say this.)
  • The only physiotherapy equipment you need that will please all your patients without breaking the bank (most waste money on expensive equipment they rarely use).

Audience: This course is relevant to all healthcare professionals. 


  • Introduction
  • How to find the best location 
  • How to negotiate your lease 
  • How to design the perfect floor plan 
  • How to buy the right equipment 
  • What else do you need to get your clinic started? 

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The instructors
Rick Lau
Healthcare Entrepreneur

Has built three 10 million dollar healthcare businesses over the past 15 years including a network of 127 clinics with over 1400 employees. He is one of the most sought-after mentors for clinic owners in Canada and USA where he helps owners double, triple, and even quadruple their revenue while having more freedom than they ever thought possible.

Rick also hosts the largest clinic owner business summit in Canada, ACCELERATE LIVE. Sold out early to a hungry crowd of 300+clinic owners, Rick delivered cutting-edge keynote speeches alongside 19 other 7-figure health business owners.

Follow me on instagram @thericklau

Darryl Yardley
PT, B.Kin (Hons), M.Sc.(PT), M.Cl.Sc.(Manip), FCAMPT

Darryl is currently the Director of Quality, Risk and Therapy Services at the Brant Community Health System. He is the past chair of the Private Practice Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. He is a consultant with orthopaedic and neurosurgeons and has a special interest in hip and spine. He is a co-author of, Diagnosis and Management of Femoroacetabular Impingement: An Evidence-Based Approach – Chapter: ‘Evidence for Rehabilitation After FAI Surgery: A guide to Postsurgical Rehabilitation and Supporting Evidence.’ Darryl is the professor of the Business and Entrepreneurship in Physical Therapy course at Western University.

He also lectures at McMaster, University of Toronto and Queen's on business and practice management topics. Darryl is the founder of Mentorship Bootcamp - offering the business training and career mentorship to succeed in today’s competitive market. He consults with many clinic owners to grow their business, and develop the business-acumen of their therapists. He is the co-founder of EnCORE Research, and a partner of the Pelvic Health Research Collaborative. He is the co-founder of Entry to Practice Essentials, the first Canadian PCE study guide.

Razi Khaddage
As a biomedical engineer, Razi’s technical expertise enables OrthoCanada’s customers to make more informed decisions - whether looking to better understand why the BNR is important in assessing the quality of an ultrasound, or troubleshooting a technical issue with a modality.

Tammy Boucher
BScPT OrthoCanada Vice President, Sales
Having practiced as a physiotherapist for 11 years prior to joining OrthoCanada in 2007, clinicians trust in Tammy’s ability to guide them through complicated equipment purchasing decisions, based on their unique needs and budget. Tammy has managed well over 100 clinic setups over the last 10 years.

Paul Moon
Paul worked for 15 years as the Chief Operating Officer at one of Canada's largest physiotherapy companies with over 1400 employees. During his time he acquired over 60 clinics, structured 22 partnerships, and sold over 127 clinics.
Course Material included in this course
  • How To Start And Design A Physiotherapy Clinic
  • Welcome!
  • Introduction
  • How to Find the Best Location
  • How to Negotiate your Lease
  • How to Design the Perfect Floor Plan
  • How to Buy the Right Equipment
  • What Else do you Need to get your Clinic Started?
  • Feedback
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