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A new way of prescribing engaging home exercise programs

Welcome! We are excited to have you with us.

This course will guide you through the Home Exercise Prescription (HEP) features available on Embodia. Embodia provides you with a new way of prescribing engaging home exercise programs. Best of all, it is included in your Embodia Membership.

Embodia for home exercise prescription allows you to share valuable and easy to follow video exercises and education that your patients watch between their sessions. Patients feel engaged and motivated to continue with gentle reminders, push notifications and easy progress tracking.

Here is how Embodia for HEP can simplify your clinical practice and keep your patients engaged:

  • You can prescribe exercises and education developed by experts you know and trust;
  • You can upload your own content to complement the existing library and add your own unique mark on your patients;
  • You can quickly and securely record your patients in session;
  • You can track your patients' progress using a simple monitoring dashboard;
  • You are good to go on any device: iOS, Android and any recent web browser;
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