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Dermoneuromodulating (DNM) - Q&A with Diane Jacobs

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Dermoneuromodulating (DNM) - Q&A with Diane Jacobs

Dermoneuromodulating (DNM) - Q&A with Diane Jacobs

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This course was recorded in September 2023


Diane Jacobs joined Embodia for a live Q&A session and this is the recording of the session.

Diane answered audience questions about Dermoneuromodulating (DNM), a method for handling the body and nervous system in order to facilitate change.

The questions asked during this Q&A session with Diane Jacobs include:

  1. What is DNM? Is this a modality or type of manual therapy that trumps other modalities?
  2. Can DNM be helpful with persons who have CRPS? More specifically of the upper extremity? Have you tried with this patient population and had any success?
  3. When you do one of the techniques, like lifting the skin, compression or distraction, how long do you hold for? Is the patient or me supposed to feel a release? 
  4. Is pin and compress effective for Trigger points in Posture muscles / non sensitive muscles as well?
  5. Could you please share any tips on treating trigger fingers with DNM.
  6. How do you would apply DNM to say a frozen shoulder? Or how it would help beyond just traditional techniques? Diane Jacobs shares her personal story with frozen shoulder as she answers this question!
  7. Can you teach a patient to do certain techniques on their own?
  8. In regards to massage, if there is a preconceived expectation by the recipient on what they will experience during a session, and then you interact with their nervous system with a DNM approach (with informed consent), could this approach be “off-putting” to them? Given that the sensation and context is different than what they are expecting? How do you mitigate this? Do non-contextual factors matter?
  9. Have you had cases that DNM did not seem to help patients?


While this recorded Q&A session is intended for those who have taken Diane Jacobs course Dermoneuromodulating - Treating the Patient as if Their Nervous System Really Mattered (either online or in person), all healthcare professionals who are interested in learning about DNM are welcome to join this course.

The instructors
Diane Jacobs

Diane Jacobs graduated from U. Sask with a physiotherapy diploma in 1971, started using manual therapy in 1983, and went solo in 1994. She has been interested in pain science and working cutaneous nerves into the manual therapy story since 1998; she calls this ‘dermoneuromodulating’.

She helped to found the Canadian Physiotherapy Association Pain Science Division in 2009 and served on it until 2014.

In 2016 she published a book, DermoNeuroModulating. She retired in 2020 from practice and teaching, but still answers questions and maintains a DNM Facebook group.

Course Material included in this course
  • Dermoneuromodulating (DNM) - Q&A with Diane Jacobs
  • Welcome!
  • Is DNM a Mechanism or Modality?
  • How Do You Sell Patients on the Gentle Nature of DNM?
  • Have You Tried DNM for CRPS?
  • Tips on Treating Frozen Shoulders with DNM?
  • How Long Do You Hold When Using Techniques?
  • Where Else Can You Learn About DNM?
  • Explain Your Lack of Interest in Treating Muscles?
  • Myofascial Cupping Techniques
  • Can You Teach a Patient How to Do Certain Techniques on Their Own?
  • What Experience Do You Have Treating the Pelvic Floor?
  • Any thoughts on Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease?
  • Have You Had Patients Where DNM Didn't Seem to Help?
  • Where Do You Start for Scapular, Shoulder, and Elbow Pain?
  • Treating Cranial Nerves
  • Diane's Final Thoughts
  • Whats next!
  • Feedback
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