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Considerations for Strength Training in The Postmenopausal Population

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Considerations for Strength Training in The Postmenopausal Population

Considerations for Strength Training in The Postmenopausal Population

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This course was recorded in September 2023


Is strength training truly safe for our postmenopausal clients? What about those experiencing incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, or osteoporosis? 

Should we really be getting them lifting or are lifting restrictions more appropriate? How do we know what’s ok and what's not?!

This on-demand course by physiotherapist Teresa Waser aims to help us critically consider the application of strength training in older adults - through menopause and beyond!


Learning objectives

In this course with Teresa Waser, we will:

  1. Consider the influence of whole-body strength (or lack thereof!) on pelvic health
  2. Understand the potential impact of strength training as a truly biopsychosocial intervention with multiple targets in the older adult
  3. Briefly review the evidence for strength training in the postmenopausal period
  4. Illustrate how we might utilize strength training for these individuals to feel, move, and perform better - yes EVEN with pelvic floor concerns!


This course is for all clinicians, including pelvic & orthopaedic physiotherapists, occupational therapistss, chiropractors, athletic therapists, as well as fitness professionals.
The instructors
Teresa Waser
MScPT, CAFCI, CGIMS, CF-L1 Trainer, P&PA Coach

Teresa Waser is a passionate educator driven to help healthcare and fitness professionals reignite their curiosity, challenge what they believe, and strive towards a truly biopsychosocial approach. She developed TIIPPSS-FC, a framework for creating change in how we help those with pain, pelvic health issues, and/or performance concerns.

Teresa teaches her own courses, including TIIPPSS:FC Reframing Pain, Pelvic Health and Performance and Beyond the Pelvis: Exercise for the Whole Body and Everyday Person. She has also worked alongside Antony Lo, assisting in course development and co-teaching on several of his courses, along with their course, Reframing Resistance Training Across the Lifespan. Teresa is a pelvic health and orthopedic physiotherapist and clinic owner, based out of RX Physiotherapy in Leduc, Canada. She has previously coached running, as well as CrossFit for kids through to older adults. She blends her experiences as physio, coach, and educator to help empower clinicians and clients alike to redefine their possibilities – both in athletics and in life.

Course Material included in this course
  • Considerations for Strength Training in The Postmenopausal Population
  • Welcome!
  • Downloadable slides
  • Let's Start With A Story...
  • Biopsychosocial Considerations
  • Utilizing Strength Training Successfully
  • But What About Their Pelvic Health?
  • TIIPPSS -FC: A Framework for Change
  • Whole Body Strength & Pelvic Health?
  • A Case Example: Doris
  • Summary
  • Questions
  • Feedback
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