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Oncology Physiotherapy & Career Pathways to Oncology Rehab

Oncology Physiotherapy & Career Pathways to Oncology Rehab

Oncology Physiotherapy & Career Pathways to Oncology Rehab

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This course was recorded in May 2023


The purpose of this recorded Q&A session is to highlight the different roles of a physiotherapist in the main contexts of oncology rehabilitation including inpatient and outpatient services, as well as research or academia.

Three panelists with extensive expertise in oncology rehabilitation including pediatric and adult populations share their oncology career pathway. A patient advocate shares his experience with oncology physiotherapy.

Join the Oncology Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association for this free online course 'A Day in the Life of an Oncology PT & Career Pathways to Oncology Rehab'.

The instructors
Canadian Physiotherapy Association

As the vital partner for the profession, the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) leads, advocates, and inspires excellence and innovation to promote health. CPA’s goal is to provide exceptional service, valuable information and connections to the profession of physiotherapy, across Canada and around the world.

Oncology Division

We are committed to education physiotherapists ad the general public about the essential role of cancer rehabilitation in the continuum of cancer care.

Our vision is to improve the quality of life, independence and well-being of individuals affected by cancer.

Our Mission to promote and advance the practice of physical therapy for cancer patients and survivors by promoting ongoing evidence-based education, facilitating inter-professional collaboration, and fostering the exchange of clinical and research knowledge between its members.

We strive to advocate for the unique role of physiotherapists in the continuum of cancer care; Increase public awarenes of the benefits of physiotehrapy in the care of cancer patients and survivors; Ensure that patients have unencumbered access to cancer rehabilitation services; Promote ongoing professional development; Encourage the development and publication of research within the field of oncology; Provide its members with opportunities for networking and collaboration

Course Material included in this course
  • Oncology Physiotherapy & Career Pathways to Oncology Rehab
  • Welcome!
  • Cancer Thriver - Adam Brown
  • What are Some Common Conditions Amenable to Physio That You See in Oncology?
  • What Skills Do You Need to Work With Patients Diagnosed with Cancer? Are They Unique to Oncology?
  • What are the Most Rewarding Experiences of Working in Oncology Rehab? What are Some Challenges?
  • What Further Education do You Recommend?
  • What Kinds of Jobs are Available in Oncology Rehab?
  • How Easy or Hard is it to Find a Job in Oncology?
  • Feedback
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