The Wee Warrior - Early and Accurate Recognition of Paediatric Sport Injury with Dr. Jordan Raugust

Event Description:

In the world of pediatric medicine, it is often said, “kids are not just little adults”. Nowhere is this more clear than in relation to musculoskeletal injuries in a developing child. A growing child is predisposed to unique injuries that will never present in the adult population. If untreated or misdiagnosed, these injuries may have devastating effects on the patient’s function and ability to pursue an active lifestyle as they grow older. Therefore, it is our duty as professionals to accurately identify these injuries early after their presentation and initiate targeted treatment to keep these young people pursuing an active lifestyle.

Throughout the session, several cases will be presented that highlight common presentations of unique pediatric injuries. This will draw attention, not only to the specific cases, but also the general developmental concepts related to why pediatric athletes are susceptible to these injuries in the first place.

Upon completion of this webinar participants will be able to:

1. Describe the process of growth as it relates to the MSK system

2. Name and describe 5 sports injuries that are unique to the pediatric population.

3. Explain when a referral for a medical assessment is necessary for a pediatric sports injury.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Raugust graduated from medical school at the University of Alberta and completed his post-graduate training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Calgary. He is a strong proponent for the importance of active patient involvement in management of injuries, striving to encourage lifestyle changes that will result in a lifetime of good health.

Dr. Raugust has special interests in pediatric sports medicine, sports medicine, electrodiagnostic medicine, and ultrasound guided interventions.

Instructor Name Canadian Physiotherapy Association
Cost CA$20.00
Run Time 1:09:11
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