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Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Julian D'Angelo is the founder of JD Media Group and shares his insights in digital marketing and entrepreneurship for physiotherapists in this blog post.

Shelly Prosko: Science & Compassion

This is an interview with Shelly Prosko, Physical Therapist, Professional Yoga Therapist & Embodia Academy Instructor.

New Course Release: K-Taping for Women's Health Basics

Sabrina Silla leads a new online continuing education course focused on K-Taping for women's health basics. Explore basic taping techniques directed at common conditions related to women's health.

Top Take-Aways from San Diego Pain Summit 2019

A summary of the 2019 San Diego Pain Summit including highlights from Maxi Miciak, Shelly Prosko, Antonio Damasio, and Keith Waldron.

Why It's Good For Business That Women Are Neurologically Different Than Men

Women are neurologically different and we need that perspective for better research and better products. Today we're celebrating all of the female physiotherapy continuing education instructors we work with for International Women's Day.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend OPA InterACTION 2019

Technology has changed the way we interact with each other. While attending a conference is a great learning experience, it all comes down to human connection. Here are the top 5 reasons you should attend OPA InterACTION this year.

How to Use Social Media to Grow your Business or Personal Brand

Dr. Ben Fung and Jerry Durham join us for another expert series webinar discussing how to use social media to grow your business and personal brand. Learn about resources that helped Ben and Jerry get to where they are now, how millennials are impacting the profession, and productivity hacks.

How to Grow and Develop the Leadership Talent of Everyone in your Clinic

Rick Lau & Scott Marcaccio have joined us for another segment of our Expert Webinar Series, an online continuing education course for physiotherapists, chiropractors, and clinic owners. The discussion centres around culture, leadership and developing talent within your clinical team.

Pain Science, Innovation, and the Future of Physiotherapy

Dave Walton & Jim Elliott join us for another webinar in Embodia's Expert Series. The discussion is centred around pain science, innovation, and the future of the physiotherapy profession.

New Course Release: The Hip Complex: Breaking Down Barriers To Better Outcomes

Jim Millard, Darryl Yardley and Erik Schmidt teach an online continuing education course for physiotherapists and healthcare practitioners titled 'The Hip Complex: Breaking Down Barriers To Better Outcomes.' Improve your patient experience and retention rates.

Debra Dent: How to Diagnose Serious Pathology of the Spine

Debra Dent has nearly 40 years of experience specializing in manual therapy of the spine. She owns Cross Border Seminars & presently works as a consultant & contract PT in Florida. Her primary case load is Rheumatology & spine. Learn how to diagnose serious pathology of the spine with Debra Dent!

New Course Release: Yin Yoga: Addressing Connective Tissue Tension in the Hips, Pelvis and Low back

Pelvic Health Solutions have created a Resource Package Course on Yin Yoga which addresses connective tissue tension in the hips, pelvic and low back. The course instructor, Amber Morphy, will guide you through all the most popular and effective Yin postures for pelvic pain.

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